Garbage information

Dry Garbage facility

Discharge of general waste
Notice 24 hours

Engine slop per cubic meter
DKK 950 EURO 127.7 USD 156.7

Notice about discharge of garbage, waste oil, sewage and scupper water must be given minimum 24 hours prior to arrival.

Wet garbage

Sludge disposal

Special waste discharge
Available for medical and hazardous waste

Barge service

Garbage disposal
DKK 1250 EURO 167.85 USD 207

Recycling service
Available for the following materials: aluminum, metal, glass paper.

Fresh Water

Fresh water
Portable fresh water available 24 hours
a day. Hoses at each pier.

Fitting types
2” storz

Price per cubic meter FW DKK 39 EURO 6.71 USD 8.28
Connection fee DKK 350 EURO 46.97 USD 58
  • Portable water is not available from barge.
  • Possible to get a quality certificate of fresh water: YES

Black and grey water

Discharge of black and grey water
YES, by truck



Black water fee per m3 DKK 83 EURO 11.14 USD 13.75
Grey water fee per m3 DKK 830 EURO 111 USD 137.53

Bunkering options in Hundested

Hundested is ready to service your cruise ship non-stop with HFO, Gas Oil, Diesel Oil, etc.
Bunker service is available by truck, and bunker service by ship is also available.

Harbour Dues - Port of Hundested

Rates for Port of Hundested      
2019 – Berthing DKK 3.75 EURO 0.50 USD 0.62
Passenger fee / passenger per call DKK 8 EURO 1.07 USD 1.33
Security and ISPS fee per pax DKK 6 EURO 0.80 USD 0.99

2018/2019 prices and terms for calling Port of Hundested.

All prices are in Danish kroners excl. V.A.T and are subject to alternations without notice. All other conditions are according to the regulations of Port of Hundested.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Port of Hundested: